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Tools and Resources

On this page, you will find the following planning and development tools and resources: 

  • Standards for Construction and Design 

  • Site Selector / Development Areas 

  • Development Plan 

  • Subdivision Resources (including Development Agreement Guide) 

  • Zoning Handbook and Administration 

  • Infill Residential Development Provisions 

  • Storage and Signage Regulations 

  • Parking and Loading Regulations 

Standards for Construction and Design 

The Servicing Standards for Design and Construction defines the parameters around waterworks and wastewater sewers, land drainage criteria, roadways and pathways, utilities, boulevards and lot grading, parks and open space, and concrete specifications.  

[Download Servicing Standards for Design and Construction] 

Site Selector 

Use our Site Selection Navigator mapping tool to locate properties and development opportunities in the Village. It houses the following spatial datasets to help you make an informed development decision:  

  • Development Plan Policy Areas 

  • Zoning Districts 

  • Wastewater Sewers 

  • Development Opportunity Areas 

  • Property Assessment 


Development Plan 

The Village of St-Pierre-Jolys Development Plan By-law is a progressive strategy that enables and sustains the social, environmental and economic health and prosperity of the Village. The Development Plan is a long-range blueprint for embracing economic growth opportunities that will diversify and grow the Village in a proactive and accountable manner while preserving our identity and community character. 

[Download St-Pierre-Jolys Development Plan By-law No. 2021-10] 

Zoning Handbook and Administration 

The St-Pierre-Jolys Zoning By-law No. 2021-11 regulates the following as per Section 68 of the Planning Act: 

  • the construction, erection, or placement of buildings, structures, and mobile or modular homes. 

  • The enlargement, alteration, or conversion of buildings and structures. 

  • The establishment, change, extension, and enlargement of uses of sites, buildings, and structures. 

The Zoning Administration Handbook however defines the procedures, interpretation and methods for implementing the Zoning By-law. 

[Download St-Pierre-Jolys Zoning By-law No. 2021-11] 

[Download St-Pierre-Jolys Zoning Administration Handbook No. 2022-01] 

Subdivision Resources 

A subdivision is the splitting of a parcel of land described on a certificate of title. A subdivision occurs when a single land title is split into two or more parts, property boundaries are rearranged, or a lease, mortgage or other instrument is registered that has the effect of subdividing the parcel. 

The following flow chart outlines the steps that you need to follow to complete your subdivision. 

[Download Subdivision Flow Chart] 

The purpose of a Development Agreement is to ensure that all applicants pay their equitable share of the costs of development. It outlines provisions on installation and maintenance of municipal infrastructure, land dedication, and developer/Village reimbursement. 

[Download Development Agreement Guide] 

Infill Residential Development Provisions 

Infill residential development is defined as the construction of dwellings and associated facilities on previously unused or underutilized land located within an existing urban area or established community. This type of residential development is preferable as it makes use of existing infrastructure such as roads, wastewater sewers, and utilities, without necessarily having to extend or establish new infrastructure. Provisions on infill residential development, as found within our Zoning By-law can be found below. 

[Download Infill Residential Development Provisions] 

Storage and Signage Provisions 

Zoning regulations governing outside storage, signage, zone-specific restrictions. 

[Download Storage and Signage]

Parking and Loading Regulations 

Zoning regulations governing minimum parking requirements, criteria for reducing minimum parking requirements, parking stall widths and lengths, surfacing and loading space requirements, and accessible parking spaces. 

[Download Parking and Loading]

Development Incentive By-Law 2022-9

A by-law of the Village of St-Pierre-Jolys to create a Development Incentive Program and implement financial assistance for eligible construction and or renovation in the Village of St-Pierre-Jolys.


[Download Development Incentive By-Law]