Services Garbage and Recycling

Public Works staff pick up garbage at curbside.
They monitor the lagoon and follow provincial regulations for its discharge.
They are responsible for proper street drainage and address sewer problems.
Being pro-active is important and pays off.

The Village has its own garbage truck with levers that pick up bins to dump.
Construction material, furniture and the like will not be picked up.

Garbage is dumped at the disposal grounds in the R.M. of De Salaberry. For any questions or information regarding the disposal grounds, please contact the R.M. of De Salaberry at 204-433-7406.

Garbage Pick-up Schedule: 

  • The West side of the Hwy 59 is picked up on Tuesdays.
  • The East side of the Hwy 59 is picked up on Fridays.
  • Garbage should be set at the curb by 7:30 AM
The Recycling Program is done by SMILE St. Malo Inc.
Please take note of the following:
  1. Recycling pickup day is every Wednesday. Click here for 2021 Recycling Calendar.
  • All paper and cardboard must be kept separate from other recyclables.
  • Please keep recycling bags/boxes at a maximum weight of 10 kg or 20 lbs or they will be left behind.
  • Please rinse, remove labels and flatten aluminum beverage and tin cans if possible.


Discussion Paper: Click here to view Manitoba's strategy for reducing recycling and waste.
The Province's goals are:
  1. To eventually have zero waste
  2. To cut waste in half by 2020
  3. To create green jobs
  4. To fight climate change.