Knights of Columbus

Grand Knight: Marcel Mulaire 204-433-7501
Meetings: first Thursday of the month - church - 7:30 pm; rosary at 7 pm.

History: The Carillon Council was established on January 30th, 1955.

The first Grand Knight was Georges Robidoux. 

First Knights                                   

Deputy Knight Wilfrid Hébert
Secretary-Treasurer Wilfrid St. Hilaire
Secretary/Archivist Guy Mulaire
Financial Secretary Lionel Carrière
Chancellor Philippe Roy
Master of Ceremonies Georges Ritchot
Chaplain L’abbé Raymond Roy
Lawyer Edgar Fourneau
Trustees Antoine Bérard
Georges Alarie
Albani Pilotte
Gardes intérieurs Achille Rioux
Léo Gautron
Security Posts François Lambert
Maurice Lacroix