‘Only two years after the creation of Manitoba in 1870, the following eight families settled on the Rat River : Édouard Élémont and Élise Racette, Joseph Gladu and Adèle Lafournaise, Gabriel Lafournaise and Suzanne Collin, Louis Larivière and Mélanie Nault, Boniface Nault and Christine Landry, Marcel Roy and Ursule Venne, Isidore Tourond and Anne Vermette, Toussaint Vermette and Élise Tourond….

At that time, the mission of Saint-Pierre was a chaplaincy of the Parish of Sainte-Agathe … In 1877, the mission of Saint-Pierre already had twenty families and, on January 4th of that year, Bishop Taché, Bishop of Saint-Boniface … canonically erects the mission of Saint-Pierre and, in accordance with provincial laws, gives it civic life …

The homesteaders of the mission of Saint-Pierre desire more and more to have a resident priest. During the summer of 1879, Father Jolys who knows well the mission of Saint-Pierre because of many visits there accepts, at the request of Bishop Taché, to explore the possibility of establishing the mission of Saint-Pierre as a parish.’ (Excerpt from the book ‘Saint-Pierre-Jolys Manitoba Au Fil Du Temps 2005′ – a translation)