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At the beginning of every year, Village Council sets fees to be charged for a variety of services provided by the Village.
Finance and Administration Service Fees
  • Tax Certificates $30.00
  • Zoning Memorandums $60.00 
  • Variation Orders $200.00
  • Minor Variation Orders $100.00
  • Conditional Use Orders $200.00
  • Rezoning Amendments - to $1500 plus advertising costs
  • Photocopying $0.25 - per page single sided & $0.40 - per page, double sided
  • Faxing $0.50 per page
  • Returned Cheques $30.00
  • Office Rentals (click here floor plan of 2nd Floor)
  • Lottery Licences $15.00
  • Parc Carillon RV Overnight Camping Fees $15.00
Public Safety and Transportation Service Fees
  • Building Permits (click here for development fees policy)
  • Capital Contribution Lot Fee $2000.00
  • Dog Control (click here for dog control fee policy)
  • Cemetery (click here for cemetery fees policy)
  • Sewer Connection (click here for sewer connection fees policy)
  • Garbage Collection for Non-Residents (click here for garbage collection fees policy)
  • Traffic and Parking Regulations (click here for traffic and parking regulations fees policy)