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Street Repairs:
Public Works staff are responsible for reporting street repair needs to Council, who then prioritizes and plans for the work to be done. When streets require major repaving, financial assistance is sought from the province.
New Subdivisions:
Development agreements with the developer determine when and how the new streets will be paved.
Speed Bumps:
In 2013, after surveying residents on Côté Avenue East, two speed bumps were installed to help reduce traffic speeds. Village Council will review results, to help address further needs for speed bumps in the community.
Snow Removal:
Public Works staff see to the early and efficient removal of snow. Priorities are given to emergency routes around the hospital, main streets and other public service areas.
Parking By-Law:
Was recently adopted to ensure that streets were passable for emergency vehicles and farm equipment, and to faciliate street cleaning and snow removal. Residents are asked to respect this by-law and avoid financial penalties. Click here for by-law.